About the Game
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Shades of Sanity is a psychological horror game that is a 3D "Spiritual Successor" to Sanitarium, made by former members of Dreamforge. We strive to create a game that is memorable in atmosphere, story, game play and graphics. It is designed with puzzles/adventures in mind, with limited action sequences. The environment is fully 3D with real time lighting and effects.

What's the story?

You are Joseph Springer, a schizophrenic patient who skips out on his therapy sessions and drives down to Virginia to repair his estranged relationship with his wife. As Joseph nears the house he blacks out and wakes up in a strange environment filled with conflicting clues and disturbing visions.

With only limited meds to cope Joe explores the house, learning that each previous resident is somehow connected to him, and each has met a horrible fate. Eventually his meds run out and you are left with primitive methods to cope with the strange and surreal visions, hoping that if you close your eyes or look away they'll disappear. But even innocent scenes could be feeding a deeper delusion. Is this really my house? If this is Kim’s stuff, where is she? Who are these other people I keep seeing?

And why does everyone react as if I’m going to hurt them? .

ss8 ss1 ss2 ss3 ss4 ss5 ss6 ss7 SoS_Joesph SoS_Rachael SoS_Janet SoS_atticConcept SoS_courtyardConcept sos_vegitationt sos_dolls_img sos_statues_structures
ss8 ss1 ss2 ss3 ss4 ss5 ss6 ss7 SoS_Joesph SoS_Rachael SoS_Janet SoS_atticConcept SoS_courtyardConcept sos_vegitationt sos_dolls_img sos_statues_structures


  1. Will there be DRM?

    Unless the distrubutor requires it (example Steam) Shades of Sanity will be DRM free.
  2. Any love for international backers?

    Yes! We added tiers for international backers, they are a little bit higher due to shipping. So it will be $125 instead of $100 for the "Beta Tester" tier and $350 instead of $300 for the "Specialist Care" tier. All of the other tiers are the same.
  3. Will there be localization?

    We will have subtitles for French and Spainish. If we get enough interest for German and Italian, we will create subtitles for those too.
  4. What will the game be rated?

    We seem to qualify for Teen. There's bad language, some violence , but no nudity. We don't want to be horribly gory, we strive for creepy and unsettling.
  5. What are the min specs?

    We aim for this to be a Windows PC title with a MAC OS-X support as a stretch goal.

    We are targeting the following system as our min spec:
    • 2+ghz processor (multi-core is an advantage)
    • 2gb of ram (1gb available for the game as a minimum.)
    • GPU with at least 512megs and shader model 4.

    We have a lot of options that can be enabled/disabled so that we can run on lower end hardware while rewarding players with higher end systems to nicer visuals. We are looking into trying to support shader model 3 as well, but cannot guarantee it.
About the Engine openGL

The Sassafras engine was created using OpenGL, and has been modeled to make real time changes to speed up development. Light properties, particles effects, texture compression and updates, sound properties, materials, performance options, and game code and be changed on the fly to see instant results. These features help with rapid iteration which is a key to an efficient and happy content creation pipeline. 3D Studio Max integration allows for a simple interface to create visuals that do what the artist expects in a familiar tool.

Sassafras is a game engine , targetting PC and Mac systems featuring a modern light prepass rendering engine, PhysX (tm), 3d positional audio, multithreading, SIMD acceleration, a custom scripting engine, and more. The rendering engine supports eye-space reconstruted ambient occlusion, thin lens simulation depth of field, deferred reflections, an offline ray tracing light occlusion solver, deferred refraction, deferred subsurface scattering, anisotropic hair rendering, Cook/Torrence BRDF as standard, projection maps, shadow maps, volumetric light occlusions, and many more features. Threading support accelerates skinning, particle simulation and even some script functions on multi-core systems. Sassafras is constantly under development to increase performance and add new features.

Current Features